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Enter your website and Collie will fetch every asset, then give you an impressive knowledge hub for your users. See examples

Collie only fetches public data, if you want to search other data, reach out
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Collie fetcher is an automated web scraping program. When given a URL, it visits and extracts content, media, and files. It visits URLs these pages link to, and the process repeats itself for all linked pages. It then adds each asset to a search index called Mixpeek where it is then searchable.

Currently PDFs, Images, Videos, Audio, HTML and Text are supported. See the Mixpeek FAQ

Totally depends on how many pages are in your website. It could take some time, but you will receive an email from when your search is ready.

Yes! See our security stance

Sometimes Collie gets lost. If your search isn't working please email us

The Collie private embedded file search is available for select users in beta. We welcome you to participate now

We will give you a search bar to place on your website, or you can call the API directly. Please review the installation guide to learn how.

Collie is completely free for 1000 pages or files and less. If you'd like to search private content, such as inside a firewall signup for the beta

Border collies are among the fastest (at retrieving information), smartest (for selecting which information to get) and best at herding (for bringing it all together).

Plus, she reminds me of my dog.

We'll provide instructions, just send an email to